Charles Fulmer

Charles William Fulmer - artist, pluralist, teacher b. 1942 Fulmer lives and works in Casitas Springs, a rural hamlet along the California coast just north of Los Angeles. A true pluralist, Fulmer creates oil paintings, stone sculptures, direct metal pieces, photo-works and assemblage art as his muse so orchestrates.
As a youthful outdoorsman Fulmer fashioned his own knives and munitions giving him a creative venue for an exuberant nature and a penchant for tactile manipulations. The recurrence of fish, woven through the many bodies of his work attest to a perception of man's relationship with nature and nature's link with the past, present and future. A consummate story teller, Fulmer’s work is most often narrative, speaking through the formalities of the medium to bring us the message of what it is to be human.

A great bulk of his work addresses the female, in both form and essence, a pure visual lineage passed unbroken from the time of ancient man. To worship the mystery and pleasure, revel and cavort with the corporeal, and finally find solace and inspiration in the presence of women, this appears to be the linear creative journey. 
Twenty years of teaching sculpture in Bel Air, CA has perpetuated a flow of incredibly beautiful works created by gifted and insightful students, some of whom have been working with him for as many years. These artworks truly demonstrate a vocation for stoking the innate, creative spark within others.
A renaissance man of our time, Charles Fulmer enjoys cooking for family and friends, primitive desert camping excursions, live music in outdoor venues where he can share the moment with a multitude of others, and especially making art that tells the story of his love for life, women, dogs, and the world we live in.
First listed in art reference in the 1980's for his then completely avant-garde, hand-manipulated photo-works.

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